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Enriching the Lives of Pupils at St Bernadette's

Sport and Competition...

There are a great deal of sporting opportunities to be had at St Bernadette's. Pupils benefit from a wide range of experiences in their PE lessons taught, not only to them by their class teachers, but from our specialist PE teacher, Mr Luckhurst.  We offer a wide range of extracurricular sporting activities which are incredibly popular with pupils of all ages. 

We believe taking part in challenging activities and competition is an important part of our enrichment. Pupils are rewarded with points for their 'Houses' if they can prove they have challenged themselves or taken part in competition in any form. From the photos on the right you can probably see pupils from our various sporting teams take part in a wide range of sporting competitions throughout the year. Our pupils always want to do well in these events and work hard, often going on to win against schools twice our size! 


Drama is also enjoyed by pupils at St Bernadette's. These opportunities range from an after-school 'Drama Club' to the KS1 Christmas production. One of the highlights of the year is the Year 6 end of year musical production where pupils get to say 'goodbye' to the rest of the school in style!   

The Arts...

The arts play an important part of life at St Bernadette's. 

Music is an integral part of our daily lives in school from sharing in our favourite hymns at each assembly, to music lessons in classes. From learning to play an instrument such as the guitar or flute in a small group, to learning to playing the occarina or ukulele with the whole class. From performing in the Year 5 'Samba Band' for the Brighton Festival Children's Parade to singing in the KS1 Christmas Production, Brighton Centre Christmas Concert or Year 6 end of year production.    

Art is still a very important part of our school curriculum with every class learning about a different artist every term. The corridors of the school are adorned with excellent pieces of work that we consider to be original masterpieces! 


Other Enrichment...

At St Bernadette's the WHOLE curriculum is important to us and this curriculum often goes beyond what we might consider 'traditional' subjects. Pupils here learn about 'Social Responsibility' in so many ways. From our frequent fund raising events for local and international charities to taking care of our planet through our gardening club and the school council 'Environment Committee'.

We celebrate numerous 'special weeks' throughout the year from learning about our world neighbours in 'International Week' to learning about our favourite authors during 'Book Week'.