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What is the Thrive Approach?

We know that children learn best in school when they are happy and settled. At St Bernadette's, we are using the Thrive Approach to help us develop our pupils’ emotional and social well-being. Thrive helps us to check children’s readiness to learn, to identify any gaps and then plan to meet them. Through doing so, we will be able to make sure that all of our pupils have what they need to make the best possible progress in their learning.

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Why are we a Thrive school?

• Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive. We will use these relationships, together with play and creative activities, to give children key experiences at each different stage of their development.

• Thrive teaches the understanding of children’s behaviour as communication, improves learning skills and leads to greater attainment.

• It promotes productive learning for all children.

• It supports practitioners, providing them with confidence to work with more challenging and vulnerable children, and with parents and integrated teams.

• It leads to better relationships at home and in school.

How do we use Thrive?

Thrive is a way of assessing and supporting children’s emotional and social development, which can then be used to provide personalised programmes for classes, groups and individuals.
All class teachers have used a tool called Thrive-Online to screen their classes. The results will help them to plan their social and emotional curriculum and teaching will be adapted to best meet the needs that are indicated. Strategies and activities are suggested which can be built into lessons and work.