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Prayer, in so many different forms, plays a very important part of life at St Bernadette's.  

Please see below to find out how we 'Reach out' to God at St Bernadette's.... 

Classroom Prayers

Our classroom prayers are learnt by children from their early days in school and are said each and every day.   


Prayer Wall

Our online school 'Prayer Wall' is a popular way for members of our school community to ask everyone to pray for someone who needs it.

Please click here to visit our current prayer wall

Please click here to visit our last prayer wall


RE Lessons

We always start our RE lessons with a time for prayer and reflection. Because we are a Catholic school 10% of our teaching time has to be dedicated to RE. 


'Collective Worship'

At St Bernadette's we gather together every day, in one form or another, to pray. 

Monday - 'Gospel Assembly' - Today we learn and talk about stories from the Bible.

Tuesday - 'Praise through Song' - We sing to God!

Wednesday - 'Pastoral Care Groups' - Today we gather in small mixed age groups and with our siblings to learn about an interesting topic. We always start our sessions with a prayer to God. 

Thursday - 'Class Assemblies'  - Today we celebrate our talents and learning with God and our whole community. We always include prayers and a hymn. 

Friday - 'Celebration Assembly' - On Friday we celebrate our achievements for the week, congratulate those of us who have been good disciples and thank God for the gifts he has given us. 

Liturgies and Masses

Throughout the year we have a number of opportunities for communal worship. Here are just some of them:

  • 'All Saints Day' Mass at St Mary's Church
  • Penetential liturgies during Advent and Lent
  • New school year liturgy
  • Themed liturgies e.g. Harvest, Remembrance, Advent etc. 
  • Carol Service at St Mary's Church
  • Key Stage 'Come and See' liturgies