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Our Values and Mission


Our motto means that we constantly 'reach up' to God to be closer to Him and experience His love. It also means that we 'reach up' and challenge ourselves to achieve even if it means taking risks and failing. We don't believe that we should put a lid on learning by constantly putting children in to groups. When we are 'reaching out' we not only reach out and help our friends but to help all people who are in need.  

Our Mission Statement...


Written by staff, governors, parents and pupils, St Bernadette's Mission Statement is a key document in understanding our school. At the start of every year pupils learn, reflect on and recite a part of it. They will also work together to write a child friendly version which is presented in their RE books, classrooms and around the school in every room.

Our Mission Statement is VERY important to everyone in our school and we try to follow it every single day.  

Our Good Disciple Values

Our Good Disciple values were developed to help us to be more like Jesus and His disciples. They help us to be better people and link closely with our Mission Statement. Every week our teachers award a 'Good Disciple' certificate to children who have really demonstrated one or more of these values.