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Extra-Curricular Activities

In our recent Ofsted Inspection, St Bernadette’s was praised for the range and quality of extra-curricular activities offered to our pupils. In addition to class outings, visits and excursions, there are opportunities to develop individual interests through music, art, sports, ICT and homework clubs, some of which are listed below.

Rugby (Yrs 4-6) Tennis (Yrs 1-3) Multi-Sports (Yrs 2-3)
Gardening (Yrs 4-6) Cross Country (Yrs 4-6) Athletics (Summer)
Netball (Yrs 5-6) Football (Yrs2-4) Football (Yrs 5-6)
Drama (Yrs 1-3) Mandarin (Yrs 1-6) Dance (Yrs 1&2) (Yrs 3-6)
ICT (KS2) Outdoors Project (Yrs2-6) School Band (KS2)
Choir (KS2)    

We are extremely grateful to all staff and parents who arrange, provide or support extra- curricular activities. They are invaluable to the life and work of St Bernadette’s School.