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St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

Phonics and Reading


Pupils from Year R upwards use the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics curriculum. Generally speaking pupils in Year R do phases 1-4, Year 1 phases 3-5 and Year 2 phases 5-6.

This should only be considered a guide as it is dependent on each pupil indivdually.  

Phonics teaching in Year R and KS1 is supported by 'Phonics Play' and 'Cued Articulation' resources.


In Years R-3 (dependent on the individual child) pupils read books with coloured book bands. Please see this website for further details.

As they develop and progress as readers Year 2 pupils will start to read their own books and books from school reading areas/libraries. 

Each class in both key stages has its own 'Book Spine' whcih acts as part of their class library. This spine contains books which the teachers feel children should experience by the end of the year.  

Please download the doument below to find out what the 'Age Related Expectations' (AREs) for different year groups across the school.