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Good bye...to Mrs Carballo!

Our second 'Super Singer's song was "Sing" by Gary Barlow. We performed it to say good bye to one of our teachers who retired this year. 


Our first song!

Well done to our first 'Super Singers Choir' who all recorded from home, one of our favourite hymns and a St Bernadette's Classic... 'I Belong'. 

You can watch it below...

I Belong web.mp4

Download 1 (41mb)
Download 2 (309mb)

We will be having another go very soon! Keep an eye on your ping messages.


You will need...

  • 1 electronic device that takes video
  • 1 mp3 player/mobile phone/tablet etc. 
  • 1 pair of headphones
  • Internet access 
  • Song words - or a very good memory!

Have a watch of this beautiful version of the song 'True Colours' by the choir 'Camden Voices'. This is one of Mr Kirwan's favourites! 



Parents - please note by uploading a video you are giving permission for  a video of your child singing on to the internet (youtube and/or school website). 


  1. Download the backing track and song words for the song from...Link- Files
  2. Put the backing track on to a device such as an mp3 player/phone or tablet and plug in your headphones.  
  3. Print out the song words if you can and practise, practise, practise! See if you can sing them from memory.
  4. When you are ready, video yourself singing the song:
  • portrait orientation
  • in a very quiet room
  • nice and close to the camera - your head and shoulders should only be in shot.
  • Try and have 20sec of no singing in your video before you start singing - just sit there and smile!
  1. Use your headphones for the music because we don't want to record the backing track (I will add that on later!). Some people find it easier to sing with just one headphone so that they can hear themselves - but this is up to you!  Try to look at the camera and enjoy yourself!
  2. Don't worry if you make mistakes - you can either have another go and record it again or be resilient and send it anyway. Don't worry no one will hear the mistakes. 
  3. You will probably feel very self-conscious singing this but please don't worry no one will hear you on your own.
  4. When you have finished and have your recording get someone to help you upload the singing video to the following drive  Link2 - UPLOADS
  5. Make sure you keep a copy of your video 'just in case' the upload process doesn't work. If you need help of have questions please email... chriskirwan@stberns.brighton-hove.sch.uk
  6. That's it! Now all we have to do is wait for the final video from Mr Kirwan.