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St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

School Improvement Priorities 2017-18...

Priority 1...

Effective Provision of Catholic Education

Staff lead: Mr Kirwan

  • Catholic Life - working in partnership with other deanery schools leaders and monitoring of standards in RE. Come and See Liturgies.
  • Religious Education – continue to ensure lessons in RE develop a depth in learning for all children. Children enjoy learning in RE and the creative ways in which their learning is developed- drama, role play, art, painting, hot seating, visits, design activities.
  • Religious literacy and spirituality have opportunities to flourish and grow.
  • Monitoring and evaluation help to develop teaching so that children enjoy their learning and achieve their full potential.
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Priority 2...

Addressing Ofsted issues - Feedback for Learning to improve achievements and standards

Staff lead: Mr Kirwan & Mrs Cleary

  • To improve progress that boys make in reading and writing so that their outcomes improve to match those currently seen for girls. In 2017 St Bernadette’s was in the top 5% of schools for progress made in reading.  To improve outcomes in writing to match the very high attainment in reading and maths.

    ii) To improve outcomes in writing. To improve progress of boys in reading and writing.

  • Continued use of ‘Talk for Writing’
  • Plan writing in a context so that it has a purpose
  • Publication of writing at end of a genre
  • Development of vocabulary and words including ability to structure effective sentences
  • Strategies to improve children’s ability to spell.

Priority 3...

Progress and attainment in maths is maintained or made better.

Staff lead: Miss Freeland

  • All staff positively promote the teaching of mental arithmetic and reasoning at every opportunity so that children achieve excellent outcomes in maths.
  • Children are aware of and use their targets so that they can improve and they want to do so.
  • To maintain or improve progress and attainment in maths across both key stages
  • Continuing to develop a 'mastery curriculum' throughout the school - building staff confidence in this approach
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Priority 4...

Personal development, behaviour and welfare of children.

Staff lead: Mrs Lance, Mr Kirwan & Miss Regan

The Anti Bullying theme this year is, ‘All different, All equal’. We will work this year to give children the language to stand up to bullies. The ‘tell, tell, tell’ message has worked well but some children still feel that telling actually makes things worse.

  • Year 6 will review Anti Bullying Policy
  • School Council Policy and Learning Committee will review this SIDP and we will create an action plan to improve Pupil Voice together.
  • Good Disciple awards liked to our Golden Values are working well and will be reviewed by School Council.