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Mindfulness (copyright www.kerstinandlaw.com)


Mindfulness can be used as method to help manage stress around exam time, and can be used as a tool to focus, concentrate and sharpen the mind.

The most effective way is to establish a habit of sitting quietly for at least 5 minutes a day.

You can use your phone to set the time, so that you can relax and wait for the timer to go off.

The Mobile Phone App ‘Insight Timer’ is free and has a timing function that finishes with the sound of a bell. 

Chose a time of the day that works for you. Ideally this should be the same time everyday as it will instill a habit.

Once you have chosen a time, you can begin.

You can find a guided Pre-assessment audio track on Sound Cloud (free - see below).

Look for Sound Cloud, then Kerstin Andlaw



5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Practise

Sit comfortably, ideally on a chair with both feet on the floor (this replicates the position you will be sitting in during your exam.

Sit in a tall, upright and relaxed manner.

Rest your hands in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Sitting still. Sitting quietly. Being alert.

Take one long deep calm breath in, and a long deep calm breath out.

This is the time for you to just BE. To BE you. How do you feel right now?

Now bring all your attention to your breath. Feel your breath.

Notice where you can feel it. It may be your tummy, your chest, your nose?

Notice breathing. Notice breathing out. Notice the space in between in and out breath.

Watch and observe your breath, the way you would watch an interesting movie, paying attention to every little detail.

During this practice, you may have all sorts of thoughts coming into your mind. When that happens, just let them go.

Imagine you place your thoughts on a river.

Watch your thought floating down the river and away.

Then bring your attention back to your breath again.

Each time your mind begins to think, place the thought on the river and let it go.

Bringing all your awareness back to just breathing.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Continue for a few more moments.


Take a deep breath. How do you feel now?

Take another breath and move your fingers and toes.

Open your eyes when you ready.


Mindfulness @ St Bernadette's

Pupils and staff at St Bernadette's enjoy 15 minute mindfulness sessions each week led by mindfulness expert and school parent Kerstin Andlaw. 

Mindfulness for Assessments/Tests

A few things to think about if you are worried, nervous or anxious about your exams.

  • Ask yourself: ‘What would happen if I stopped worrying and learned to relax?’
  • Try and set a positive intention for studying and look forward to success.
  • Worrying is the process of imagining the worst and creates the emotion of anxiety. Take time to imagine success, ask yourself: ‘What will I feel as I find out that I have been successful?’ ‘How will I feel as I realize that I can answer the questions in the exam paper?’
  • Be mindful that having the determination to go through with the exam is a success in itself.
  • If you have nerves, fear, worries about your exams and revision share your experience with a sympathetic person who will listen with understanding.

You can use these techniques for any situation in your life!

Good luck!